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My Sister Is A Cop

So when I see the video of those police officers in Dallas running TOWARDS the gunfire, I think of my sister. When I see the video of police officers pulling the bodies of their fallen brothers to safety I think of my sister. When I see the video of the families of police officers crying at a funeral, I think of my sister.

Mothers Day Without Mom

I close my eyes, take a deep breath and feel my moms love all through my soul.


Tomorrow I’ll start fresh. Smile. Count my blessings. And hold very tight those that I love.


I know when my sister Tracey is having a bad day and maybe needs a phone call from her big sis. I also know when she and Terry are camping and trying to make a phone call would be a waste of time.

An Update On Marty

My mom does not like getting old. I don’t blame her. It sucks. But she does know without a doubt that she is loved.

Holding My Dad’s Hand

While I hold my mom’s hand as she walks to help steady her, dad was never the hand holding type.  As he got older, he would use his cane, and then a walker, to get around.  He would reluctantly accept some help getting in…