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Are you living the life you chose?

One cold December night I hosted a Christmas party at my house in Little Rock.  One of my friends arrived at the door in a sweater over her party dress.  It was bitterly cold.  I asked “it’s freezing outside, where is your coat?”  She…


I know when my sister Tracey is having a bad day and maybe needs a phone call from her big sis. I also know when she and Terry are camping and trying to make a phone call would be a waste of time.


She had to protect Mojo.

My Knight On A White Horse is A Cowboy With A Trailer

Many of us women dream about the knight in shining armor riding up to rescue us. Yesterday I was rescued by an 80 year old cowboy riding a sorrel horse. With a horse trailer.

New Year’s Day Hiking

One of my favorite things to do in Little Rock was climb Pinnacle Mountain and run around the base trail. My love affair with Pinnacle began when I started the UBBT (Ultimate Black Belt Test) in 2009. One of the requirements of the test…

Buying Half A Pig

Yes, we are buying half a pig. My friend Paula asked if we wanted to share a pig with her and Kurt. It’s been raised without hormones. Looking at the blank look on my face (she gets that a lot from me) she explained…