Read this. I’m doing you a BIG favor

I very seldom pay full price for anything. I had appliances and flooring stored at our previous house for months and even years before we even started the renovation because I got really good deals and discounts.

I hate kitchen waste. Nowadays between the dogs and Noodles the pig, kitchen scraps are minimal. I vacuum seal leftovers for easy meals. I make my own chicken and beef stock, mayonnaise and ketchup.

I don’t buy bottled water, I take my Contigo reusable water bottle and my Contigo coffee mug with me whenever I leave the house. The paint is wearing off of them, they have been well used and well travelled.

We pay extra for a recycle bin although not much is going in it right now because of the fireplace. Cardboard and paper come in really handy when you are starting a fire every day.

There is a movement out there in internet land to not buy new clothing. So I could say that I am helping the environment and the planet by not purchasing new clothes. I could also save a lot of money. If I do buy new, I almost always wait for sales. Well,except for bras. Those I buy new. I’m not going to put the girls in a bra that has been previously occupied. That just weirds me out. Same with swimsuits.

When you lose 50 pounds and drop from a size 12 to a 2, nothing, and I mean nothing in your closet will fit except for socks and shoes. So how do you replace your entire wardrobe of clothing?

I took this as a fun challenge. At first, I shopped sales. Well, even on sale, if the clothing you bought becomes too large in a month, that is pretty wasteful. So I did what any intelligent green shopper would do and I headed to the goodwill and consignment stores. We were living in Penrose at the time and I had both Colorado Springs and Canon City to choose from. I scored some pretty good deals but my choices were limited.

Enter Poshmark.

Wikipedia says Poshmark is a leading social commerce marketplace where people from the United States can buy and sell new or used clothing, shoes and accessories.

It’s the greatest thing ever.

Whenever someone compliments me what I am wearing I inevitability tell them about Poshmark. I wish I could get a commission.

Set up a profile of your sizes. Type in the name of a brand that you like. You will see offerings from “closets”. These are items that people are selling. The description given range from NWT (new with tag) to NWOT (new with out tag) to gently used. Lister’s are required to provide accurate description and photos and yoi rate he purchase after you receive it. No you can not return the items if they don’t fit, so keep that in mind.

The price listed will be discounted. You can make an offer and negotiate. I’ve done that a few times on something that was very specific that I wanted, like a particular pair of Born boots new in the box, that I had just tried on the precious day. I got them for 60% off .

My favorite method is to “like” an item. Usually I’ll get an offer of a discounted price. Most of the time those offers are at least 10% off the already discounted price, and I’ve seen them discount up to 40% so it’s worth exploring.

Here are some things I’ve purchased in the last few years.

A full length Sundance sweater coat. I purchased for 50. It still had the tags.

Born boots. Ugg snow boots. Teva sandals.

They have guy stuff too. I’ve purchased sweatshirts and flannel shirts for Steve. Waterproof hiking shoes new in the box for him that were $50 less than anywhere else. His Teva sandals that he wears daily in the summer were new in the box from Poshmark.

Prana jeans, leggings and workout tops.

Sundance jeans, tops, jackets dresses and shoes. Chan Luu jewelry as well as other Sundance jewelry lines. . The dress and shoes I wore at a recent wedding all came from Sundance. The entire outfit was less than $50.

Free People tops, shorts, jeans, jackets, dresses. I buy a lot of Free People.

Athleta travel pants, shorts, jacket and tops.

You get the idea.

We live in an isolated area. We drive an hour and a half to get to the closest Home Depot. The shopping in Durango and Pagosa Springs is very limited, and I really dislike buying new.

From the comfort of my couch I can shop for virtually anything. I’ve made purchases using the app while in the car, out of town, even at a restaurant and the waiting room at the dentist.

You can also set up your own closet and sell your stuff.

It really is genius.

So take a few minutes and check it out.

Comment and let me know what you think. You can thank me later 😀.

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