We are better than this

They had bomb and armed intruder drills at the Jewish preschool in Little Rock when Keely was a student there.

We were told that the kids would be protected at all costs and that they were prepared for anything. They were ready for dirty bombs. Armed intruders. They did not have their head in the sand and they would not allow those kids to be hurt. I believed them.

It really brought home on a personal basis what it might be like to be Jewish in America. I was aware that my daughter might be exposed to danger just because she attended a Jewish preschool. It was also an incredible school with wonderful staff. Keely and the adults in her life got a very precious up close and personal understanding of the Jewish religion. It is something I will always cherish.

I have friends who are Jewish. One of them posted today that he had to explain to his daughter, who is eight years old, why there were police cars at their place of worship in Mississippi.

There is so much hate. So much division.

We can be hated for the color of our skin.

We can be hated for not worshiping the same being in the same way.

We can be hated for not being “Christian” or “biblical” enough.

We can be hated for loving differently.

For being born, created, with a different gender.

Police are killed for wearing the uniform.
Some are killed for wearing their own skin, racism still exists.

On one of the political shows this morning, the consensus seemed to be that they only way this country can come together would be through the experience of a tragic catastrophe.

There is no leadership. It is dark and hateful. Divisive. The attacks and name calling have to stop.

There are good loving people in this country. We are better than this.

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