Haters are going to hate


I was looking at a Facebook friend’s page today, and I came across it.   The thing I knew I would see eventually.

A post making fun of non-binary individuals that prefer a gender neutral pronoun.  Good ol Tucker Carlson from Fox News and his followers being hateful.  Again.

It would appear this person has a good christian heart.   She goes to church every Sunday, has church meetings at her business.   She is always asking for prayers for those in need.   She would be one of the first to try to help someone in trouble.  And that is what is so confusing to me.

She not only posted this hateful piece, she deleted my comments when I pointed out that my child was born this way, and that this kind of post is hateful and hurtful.   Love thy neighbor?   I guess only if they are like you.   Created in His image?   Only if it agrees with your image of Him.

She changed her comment on it from “stupid people!” to “some people should not force their opinions on others” after she deleted my comment.

So many times our prejudices can be changed when we have our eyes opened to real people and real stories.   Putting a face to someone that is different, understanding that love and acceptance are so much better than hate and exclusion.   I had hopes that my story, Keely’s story, might open their heart.

Nope.  Closed mind.  Closed heart.

I know, with all my heart, that my Keely is the way they are because God created them that way.   I know because I have been with them every step of the way.   God doesn’t make mistakes.

I dare someone to make fun of my child anywhere in my presence.   I dare someone to say anything hateful and cruel to her around me.   Do you want to experience a mother’s righteous rage?  Just try it. I am still furious.

To be fair, this was her post, her page.  Her “living room” so to speak.  She has the right to her opinions in her “living room” and I was an uninvited guest speaking up in defense of my child.

I also know that we all have our stories and culture and filters that make us what we are, that cause us to believe what we believe, behave the way we behave.  She is coming from a place of fear, not love.  A place of exclusion, not acceptance and inclusion.    That is on her.  Her choice.  Her beliefs.

I can love and accept all kinds of people that are different from me.  I can respect their right to their opinion even if I think their opinion is misguided or wrong.

What I will not accept is deliberate cruelty and hatefulness.  Hypocrisy.  My sincere hope is that one of these days her heart will open with love and inclusion.   But I’m not going to be around to see that happen.

One less “friend” on Facebook.

And if any of my other friends on Facebook know this person and feel I am wrong, there is an “unfriend” button as well as a “block” button that you can use on me.   I’m very picky about who I chose to spend my time with now.


4 Comments on “Haters are going to hate

  1. I want you to know that I am not right behind you on this . . I am right by your side and if need in front of you to help deflect the hatred based on ignorance of those that need to work on themselves instead of trying to fix others. I have had my conversation with God about me and he is ok with me as I know for sure with Keely .


  2. Yer damn right, block me, unfriend me, no one posts anti LGBT or racism without hearing from me. I can take anything but bigotry.


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