Happy Birthday Steve

This isn’t one of those milestone birthdays, that was last year.   And he really hates being reminded of the day, and he doesn’t want a fuss.  When he turned 60 he was out of town.  On purpose I think.  Last year when he turned 65 I surprised him with a party.  He handled that pretty well but let me know not to do it again lol.  

This is just another year.  But as I was looking through some pictures to post on Facebook I realized I wanted to do something more.  

We met late in life.  We had a very tough path getting together.  We made the decision to stay together.  Neither of us is going to change who we are.  But both of us are willing to compromise.

It’s not always easy.  We are two fully formed Type A personalities with a deep, strong, passionate love for each other.  And we drive each other nuts on a frequent basis.  


I am married to a loyal, intelligent, caring man who is human.  

I am married to a man who loves to try new things (except dance lessons) and is always ready for a new adventure.  And we have certainly had some adventures in the seven years we have been together.  And I know there will be many more. 

We agree on more than we disagree.  We make each other laugh.

You have nursed me through several surgeries.   You washed my hair and dressed me, held me when I cried.  Helped me walk. 

You are the one person that I would want to have around if the shit hit the fan. When we lost an engine in the plane I never for one minute doubted that if it was possible to land safely you would do it. Never a minute of doubt.   Now I do have to remind myself sometimes that you don’t want to die either when you are playing NASCAR in the jeep or taking Clipper up a cliff, but that is a discussion for another time.  I love your impulsive risk taking side.   You are also calm, methodical and analytical.  Brilliant in many ways.  Of course those same qualities drive me up the wall if all I want you to do is listen and agree with me!  But you are who you are and that mixture of analytical and  impulsive is one of the things I love the most.  

You welcome everyone. You always says “sure!” when I tell you I  just invited someone else to stay with us.  Usually the only questions are “who, when, and for how long?”Or a group over for dinner.  Or scheduled a ride.  And you are pretty gracious and long suffering about usually being the only guy with a gaggle of women on rides and social occasions.  I know we all depend on you fix things and keep us safe when we ride.  Or to answer electronic questions, or weather, or…the list is long.  How many times do we say “ask Steve”?

You spent the majority of your  working career living in hotels and apartments, far from home and family.  Long long hours in difficult and dangerous circumstances.  That scarred you in many ways.  It also strengthened you in many ways.  

Now that you are retired we are building a home filled with friends and family.  I love that we enjoy the same books.  We agree on politics (thank God!). You suffer through  some shows I like, I suffer through NASCAR.  I love sitting in our house, reading, enjoying our time together.  

Steve I don’t say enough how much I respect and admire you.  You know I love you with all of my heart and soul. I am so glad that we met that day seven years ago, and I am so thankful for every day that we have had together since. Thank you for the love, joy and adventure you have brought to my life.  

Happy birthday my Love.  

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