The Other Shoulder Surgery Looms

The other shoulder replacement surgery got moved up a week.

At first, I wasn’t really happy when I got the call that the surgery had been moved to December 23, and now it just happens to be two days before Christmas.

However, after thinking about it a little bit I realized this date works out better.

I’ll be ready to resume riding and other activities one week earlier.

Steve will be off work a lot for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

Keely will be out of school.

My first call was to Steve, we talked about the pros and cons of the date change, but in reality I didn’t have much choice.
I hung up the phone and read my email. There was a message from Charles saying that if the weather cooperated he would drive up to spend Christmas with us and do all the cooking. Well that could not have come at a better time, because I was about to call my friend Tina and tell her she would be doing ALL of the cooking at Christmas.

So I called Charles, told him the date had been changed and that it was great he was going to be coming.

“Well, it sounds to me like you would not want me to be there. You won’t feel well, and you won’t want to do anything for Christmas”

“Charles, I’ll be fine on Christmas day if I don’t have to cook.”

“But you will only get home the day before, you won’t feel like doing anything”

“Charles, when I had the other surgery we left the hospital, drove to Canon City, dropped off the pain med prescription and then went to lunch. I got home four hours after being released from the hospital. Kira and Rita came to stay for a week, arriving two days after my surgery. We went to Breckenridge and came home on a very bumpy Shelf Road four days after my surgery. I will be fine. If I don’t feel like socializing all day, I can go to bed and you won’t get your feelings hurt. But the one thing that you really have to understand is that Steve. Does. Not. Cook.”

There was silence for a minute.

“OK. I get your point. We can plan out the menu later, but I’m coming”

And it works out really well because he can fly in and use my truck for the time that he is here, because I don’t think I’ll want to drive that first week or two.

Today was my last day at PT until December 29. I’ve had eleven physical therapy sessions and I could not be happier with my progress. I can raise my arm to 120 degrees in the front, 110 on the side. There is no pain. It’s fairly functional. I’m doing some really ugly yoga at home to get more flexibility and strength in my arm and shoulder. And I have another week for it to get better before I lose the use of my right arm.

So yes, it will suck to be me for a few weeks. And then every day I will see range of motion and strength returning. That is what I am focusing on, the relatively quick return to full function that I will have in the next few months.

I’ve been practicing driving with the operated shoulder arm. It works.

2 Comments on “The Other Shoulder Surgery Looms

  1. Your style is very unique iin comparison to other people I have read stuff from.
    Many tthanks for postjng when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just boo maek this blog.


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