Happy Anniversary

We found out May 21 that we would be going to England on June 3. Friday May 23 we went to the bank to get my passport out of the safe deposit box.


My flight was booked under Michelle Cox. My passport still read Michelle Ray.

Three hours of phone calls later we were resigned to the fact that the airline would not change my last name and I would have to bring my marriage license with me and hope that would work.

Then Steve did some research (does that surprise anyone that knows him?) and found out about the expedited passport office in Denver.

So Tuesday, the day after Memorial Day I drove to Denver, turned my paperwork in and crossed my fingers.

The passport arrived Friday. Big sigh of relief!

Tuesday at 5am we were on our way to Denver. Tina agreed to get up at 4am to take us to the airport. Well, she rode in the back seat while Steve drove, but since she drove the car all the way back to Penrose that counts as taking us to the airport don’t you think?

Denver to Toronto. Toronto to Heathrow. Steve got some sleep. I didn’t. Par for the course I never ever sleep on planes.

We got to the hotel, which is very slick and modern around 8am Wednesday. Dropped our luggage with the concierge and went to the Tube station. Victoria station is a block from the hotel. Got our day passes and then took a while to figure out the subway system again.

This is my fifth time in London, Steve’s second. It still takes a bit of time to figure the system out.

But there is an app for that!

I downloaded an app that allows me to enter the name of the station to and from, then it tells me what line to take, where to change, and how long it will take.


We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to kill some time as our room would not be ready until 2pm.

I was doing pretty good with the jet lag, fueled on caffeine but with zero sleep. Steve was a walking zombie and I think the V&A was pretty much a blur for him. When we stopped for coffee he almost went to sleep sitting at the table. Wish I had gotten a picture.

Back to the hotel. The room is awesome.we took a two hour nap then walked down the street in search of a place for dinner.

We found a Mexican place and were able to get the last available table. The staff wore cheesy straw cowboy hats but the food was acceptable and we could watch all the people rush by in the rain.

So our one year anniversary dinner was in a Mexican restaurant in London.

Pretty cool.


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