Whole 30 (paleo) first dinner in the middle of renovation

My friend Patti Hickham told me years ago that we were “dirty house friends”. Translation: a friend so accepting and understanding that they can come over to your house when it is dirty and not think you are a failure.

You know how some people have theme parties where everyone dresses up in Hawaiian clothes and they sip piña coladas and wear leis?


We had some really good friends over last night for a paleo (whole 30 compliant) dinner in the middle of a construction site. Tanya and Monte Zimmerman along with their granddaughter Gwennie, and Tina Heffner are now officially my “renovation friends” which is a higher level of “dirty house friends”.





We started with sausage balls. Mix a little red pepper flakes with sausage, encase green olives with sausage brown on all sides until done. Those little guys disappeared pretty quickly. Recipe from Every Day Paleo.

Dinner was sliced cucumber salad from Well Fed 1. Sweet potato spears with chipotle dipping sauce from Everyday Paleo (I think)
Citrus Carnitas from Well Fed 1 and cold steamed asparagus with our family recipe garlic vinigarette .

Tina brought a yummy fruit salad with whipped coconut cream to top it off.

Great evening with very understanding friends!

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