Mothers Day Without Mom



It’s Mothers Day. Keely made me a really great card. We had a long hug.

Facebook is full of Happy Mothers Day wishes.

I miss my mom.

So it’s been kind of bittersweet. The joy of being a mother, coupled with the reality that I’m now one of the many who don’t get to hear their mom’s voice on this day.

My former sister in law Kate Day lost her mom unexpectedly this week. Her children, my nieces and nephew Lauren, Beth and Paul lost their grandmother. I think there will be some very fierce hugs in that family today.

Other friends are celebrating their first Mothers Day as a mom. I remember that feeling.

No matter how old I get, when I’m down or feeling sick I want my mommy. I want to crawl into her lap so she can rock me. I want that feeling of love and security, of peace, that I always got when my mom wrapped her arms around me.

It used to be easy to capture that feeling. I could meet her, or go to her house, walk up to her and put my arms around her. There was never a hesitation, her arms wrapped me in love and acceptance without a word being spoken.

I hope my kids feel that way about me.

It’s harder, but less complicated now to talk to my mom and get that hug. I have to dig deep into memories to recapture those feelings. But I don’t have to pick up a phone or get in the car. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and feel my moms love all through my soul.


4 Comments on “Mothers Day Without Mom

  1. Mike met me this morning and we put flowers on her grave. She was a wonderful woman and is missed all the time. Mike said this morning, “if you don’t miss her, you just didn’t care”. True. I miss my morning phone calls to her, and how sometimes she would call me and say, ” oh! Why did I call you? Never mind, I’ll call you back later when I remember.” I miss her “Bette Midler” swish when she walked, and how we never quite knew what color her hair was going to be because she colored it in the kitchen sink. Lots of wonderful memories of her that I will never forget


    • You described her perfectly Tracey. How about the time she called you to see if she was supposed to have lunch with you. She wasn’t sure which of us she had agreed to meet. And it was me…
      Love her so much.


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