Renovation Week 3

Mike got all of the electric and gas lines placed. The pony wall that separates the kitchen from the living room and dining room was built and the area for the fireplace was framed in.


On Tuesday the fireplace was installed. That did not go as smoothly as hoped. Mike had called the store to get the frame out dimensions and where the gas and electric lines were to be placed. The guy gave him the wrong information. When the installers got there Mike had to make some last minute changes. Once that was done the installation went pretty smoothly and we now have a working direct vent Napoleon fireplace.

Napoleon gets good reviews and there is a dealer in Pueblo if we ever have a problem with it. I paid $600 to have them install it. Mike could have done it, but a fireplace is one of those things that I feel more comfortable having the experts do so that they can cone back and make it work and not blame the problem on my contractor.

Granite people were supposed to come out on Friday to do the templates. But we had problems with the cabinets. As I’ve mentioned, we went through Costco and used Tuscan Hills Cabinetry. The materials are great, the workmanship not so much. Mike spent the day sanding down the cabinets to make them even so that the granite can sit straight. There were globs of glue on the back that kept the cabinets from sitting flush to the wall. I’m going to wait until we get everything installed , but so far Tuscan Hills does not get high marks.

We had an antique sideboard the I bought for $125 in Florence, CO.


Rather than spend thousands of dollars on a island I decided to recycle this piece. Mike built another side out of finished pine. The “new side” will have a prep sink, compost hole set into the counter and an area for me to sit and do vegetable prep.

First I sanded the old piece, then I lightly applied Sherwin Williams primer to both old and new sections. I purposely left parts of the pieces unprimed. Then I put in a coat of the aqua toned Sherwin Williams paint “Watery”

I sanded down to the finish and to the primer in some areas and on the edges. I took a wrench and banged up the new piece.

First coat of polyurethane. Well. No surprise the poly turned golden brown in spots on the old piece, giving the paint a greenish tinge in places with brown streaks in others.

The new piece didn’t get all the color variations. So the challenge became how to get the new section to look old

Without going into the boring details, I used a red oak stain pen, lots of layers of satin poly, lots of sanding, and then mixed a tiny bit of an orange/brown paint leftover from another project with some poly to create a glaze for the new piece. It took a week.

I’m pretty happy with the end result.



In the last picture you can see the new and old sides placed together awaiting the granite.

So at the end of the week we have the bottom kitchen cabinets placed. Sheet rock finished.

Next week there will be more visible changes and I’ll try to document more often.

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