Dr. Mary Richards
Dr. Mary Richards

My friend and partner in the Taekwondo school is dying. Dr. Mary
Richards was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital on November 17. She is
a tough lady, a fighter for sure. But it looks like she is not going to win this

She may already be gone as I write this.

I don’t know how old she was when she started TKD, in her 50’s perhaps? She had no flexibility and was not very graceful. But she had a single minded determination and I’m telling you she would flatten your butt and run over you
if you got in her way. I learned the hard way that I couldn’t trade blows with her. I’d throw a kick, she would step in on it, and I would get knocked on my ass.

I used to call her the Tank. The name fit her physically and it also described her personality, especially if you were trying to spar her. She’d grin really big when I called her that.

One of the greatest things I ever saw happened in class one night. It was before I bought the school, and Marcus Turley was the instructor. We were practicing board breaking for testing, the required technique was a jump front kick. I’m the first to admit that I really really suck at jumping. But Mary would be the first to tell you that
she sucked more at jumping than I did. So I was standing there watching to see how she did. Remember her nickname was Tank.

Anyway, I was standing behind her as she set up to do the technique, Turley holding the boards. She got into position, hopped a little and hit the boards with the ball of her foot. Well she kinda hit the
boards, and kinda slid right up them. And her foot just kept going up and the rest of her followed.

The next thing I knew she had tucked herself into a tight ball and done a backwards roll. She rolled on over, stood up, standing and facing those boards in a fighting stance.

Turley’s mouth dropped open and his eyes were bugging out of his head.

I was speechless and I’m sure my eyes were bugging too.

After a shocked silence Turley said “Doc, are you all right?”

“Sure” she replied “let me try that again”

Age and injuries kept her away from Taekwondo and her beloved white water rafting. She used to tell me about rafting the Grand Canyon. Before we moved to Colorado I went by her office to visit. She had rafted the Royal Gorge, which is right by our house. I always hoped she would make it out here to raft with us.

Mary was Charles’ cardiologist. She was the first person I called when I took him to the hospital and they told me it was a heart attack. She was the first person I called many times after that. I’d like to say that she took special care of him because we were friends and partners. But that wasn’t the case. She took special care of all of her patients. I have heard from quite a few of them about their affection for the gruff lady.

Every few months I’d get a call. She had found someone who she felt needed Taekwondo. I was to call them, tell them there was no charge, and get them enrolled. We had some pretty special people at our school because
Mary sent them our way.

Her work as a doctor touched many in a very direct way. She literally saved hundreds if not thousands of lives during her long career. She didn’t have a lot of charisma or charm, she could be cranky and impatient. But she was smart, caring, steadfast and loyal. And you knew without a doubt that she was on your side.

If the measure of a life is by how many people are touched, Mary Richards had a giant life. Little Rock Taekwondo would not have survived without her financial backing and support. She never received any financial reward from her investment. Many people whose lives were changed never knew that Mary Richards was in the background. But I know the stories of the lives we touched meant the world to her.

I’d see her wipe a tear as I told her about the grandfather struggling to stay alive a few more years so he could
raise his grandson. The mother who was raising her son alone and had a diagnosis of breast, then bone cancer. We cried together over the death of Michael Coon, who was accidentally shot by one of his friends. So many stories, so much caring on her part that no one ever saw.

Mary Richards led a quiet life. She didn’t care about houses and cars, jewelry and sparkle. She cared about people. And in her unique way, she led a giant life.

6 thoughts on “DR. MARY RICHARDS

  1. My name is heather, but most of my friends call me frostfox. to me Mary was Denidan a beloved druid and friend in the imaginary world of norrath. for many years me and my guild ( circle of prophets ) had the pleasure and privilage to be in the company of deni , i guess she choose a druid becuase in life she was a doctor , druids heal. i had been blessed to have her in my heal team many times. Most folks dont’ know how close you can get to people when you don’t even use thier real name and see a computer generated image of the person instead of thier real picture, but you can. After reading this i see that we found her as speacial as the people in her real life did. thank you for writing this , i feel i got to know deni even better.


    1. Frostfox thank you so much for writing. I knew that Mary was into gaming, but it wasn’t something we talked about a lot. You shared a part of her life that many never knew about but I know was important to her. I’m so glad you took the time to write.


      1. dear michelle .. at the service there should be a basket of pink flowers with a card that says from the circle of prophets. if rob sick isnt’ there .. i would love for you to have it. i wasnt’ sure who was going to make the services so i didnt leave a name on the card for someone to take it home.


  2. Michelle, you have written beautifully about a woman who in December 1998 saved my husband’s life and gave him the opportunity to spend his retirement years with his grandchildren and bonus kids on a daily basis in the summertime. For that,I will always be grateful to Dr. Richards, and also for her no-nonsense attitude.I hope you don’t mind if I share this on my page! Our prayers for Dr. Richards always.


    1. Brenda of course you may share. Thank you for your comments. And I’m sure Mary is smiling right now. She is responsible for a lot of people enjoying grandchildren and living their lives. She will be missed.


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