No “Merry Christmas Michelle”

I talked to my mom on Christmas. As we were sitting down to eat our Christmas lunch, the phone rang. Michael wanted to know if I wanted to say hi to Mom.

Michael held the phone for her, and I told her “Merry Christmas”.

There was no response.

So I said it again, louder. “Merry Christmas Mom!”

Still no response.

Keely was standing there, so I smiled at her and handed her the phone. “Tell Grandma Merry Christmas”
“Merry Christmas Grandma! I love you!”

Keely held the phone, waiting for an answer. I knew it wouldn’t come, so I took the phone, smiling all the time so that Keely would think everything was OK.

Michael got on the phone and told me that this was not a good day. She was very confused.

It’s the first Christmas that I can remember saying Merry Christmas to my mom, and not hearing her voice replying “Merry Christmas Michelle”

I think about all of those Christmas days I had with her. Fifty four of them. I think about the love and laughter shining out of her eyes as she was surrounded by her family. We would joke with her about her terrible cooking and she would laugh in agreement. We kids started doing the cooking out of self defense, we wanted to be able to eat something palatable on holidays. The food was not important to her, the family coming together was. She was always happiest when there was a big bunch of people milling around. She loved and welcomed us all. But she really loved the little kids. Nothing made her happier than having a baby or two on her lap.

I hope, while the fog is overtaking her, that there is a place in her mind that replays all those happy times.

Mom and Keely
Mom and Keely

4 Comments on “No “Merry Christmas Michelle”

  1. Michelle, I can’t imagine what you are going through except not being able to hear “Merry Christmas” from my Mom. God Bless you and her and always,always remember the good times and just know that isn’t “her.” Sending love and prayers your way.


  2. Do you remember the Christmas she used the wrong color jello and her green stuff became purple stuff? Her absolute love of the ruby ring you bought her? Her parading all the grandkids to mass in their new Christmas dresses(that you and Tracey bought for oh so many years)? I’m sorry the words wouldn’t come to her mouth but please know they are in her heart. Your mom loves with her whole being and you’re at the top of her list.


    • Oh Kate thank you so much. So many happy funny memories of mom and “grammarty”. She adores you. She is in the hospital again in NLR.


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