Pajamas At Wal Mart

I went to the Wal Mart in Canon City yesterday. While I was walking in I could not help but notice the young adult male that walked into the store in front of me. He was wearing orange and blue plaid pajama bottoms with an orange sweat shirt. Denver Broncos supporter?

As I was checking out, the woman in front of me had her own fashion thing going on. Pink plaid flannel pajama bottoms. Her two little girls were dressed in tights and skirts, luckily they were not following their moms fashion example.

Look, Canon City, CO is not the fashion capital of the world by any stretch of the imagination. We actually do a double take if we see someone in a suit or dress with heels. But really people, pajamas?

I know the pajama wearing thing is not exclusive to our little town. I posted about this on Facebook yesterday and there was a pretty big negative reaction to this pajama phenomenon.

There used to be social pressure to dress appropriately. I always marvel at the pictures from the 1940’s showing people watching baseball games and the men all have on hats.

I’m old enough to have been influenced by John Molloy’s “Dress For Success” which outlined appropriate dress for women in a business setting. I made my living in a corporate world where appropriate dress was mandatory if you wanted to be taken seriously. I understood that what I wore sent a message to others.

There is a certain message that is sent when you wear sleepwear out in public. It is not a good message

Steve and I stopped at a Starbucks in Colorado Springs last week. We were waiting for a store to open so we sat in the very comfortable chairs until the store opened.

There were two young women, probably in their mid twenties, sitting across from us. One was wearing a skirt that barely covered her crotch, with high heeled over the knee boots. The other had on platform leopard print heels and what looked like plastic leggings. Lots of bling, lots of makeup.
They would have looked great if they were going to a club. They did not look appropriate for 9.30am at Starbucks.

Honestly, they looked like hookers.

And from the way they acted when they got up and sashayed out of the coffee house I’m not sure they weren’t “working girls”

There is a certain message when you wear body exposing club wear during the day. It is not a good message.

I know nothing is going to change. In fact it will probably get worse. But I’ll tell you one thing, Keely will continue to get lectures from me about what is appropriate to wear.

Don’t even get me started on makeup and slut wear at the elementary and middle school level.

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