Saturday morning we met Dennis and Debbie Oxley for breakfast at Delicious Temptations.
PALEO NOTE: Steve and I had an omelet (Paleo friendly with vegetables)

Steve and Michelle, Dennis and Debbie
Steve and Michelle, Dennis and Debbie

We talked for almost two hours. Dennis was one of the first people I met when I transferred from Mt. St. Mary’s Academy to Mills High School. We lost contact with each other after high school. We met again very briefly when his nephew Eric Scoggins was a student at my TKD school, then reconnected on Facebook a couple of years ago. Steve and Dennis have also become friends on FB because of a shared interest in photography. Debbie and I are now FB friends since we spent two hours jabbering that Saturday morning.

I’d received a text from my brother Michael that morning, asking if I was going to see Mom that day.


“Well good, because she doesn’t remember seeing you yesterday”

After breakfast with the Oxley’s we went to the nursing home. Mom was in her room. There were no lights on, she was in her bed, picking at her food on the tray in front of her. I wrote about our visit in a previous blog.

After seeing Mom and shedding quite a few tears in the car, we drove to Charles’ house, changed clothes and went to Pinnacle Mountain State Park for a hike. We wanted to talk, so we elected to hike the base trail rather than climb the mountain. I’m glad we did, because we met up with Mr. Robles, one of my former TKD students on the trail. We had a great visit and we both continued on our way.

I cannot tell you how much I miss Pinnacle Mountain. You might think that there would be a lot of similar state parks to hike in here in Southern Colorado. Well you are wrong. There is nothing close to our house that can even come close to Pinnacle. You guys in Central Arkansas do not realize what a treasure you have there.

Another run to Charles’ house to clean up and change clothes. Then we headed downtown to visit Kathi and David Jones. They used to live next door to me downtown on Spring Street. After a quick catch up visit, Steve and I dashed over to West Little Rock to the Texas Roadhouse.

A couple of years ago, this person named Diana Hampo sent me a friend request on Facebook. We had some Taekwondo friends in common, so I accepted the request. I love her posts and her blog, and we had become pretty good FB friends. Then she wrote about needing knee surgery, and I picked up the phone and called her. Several phone visits later we were even better FB friends. But we had never met in person.

So Diana and her husband Alex met us in the bar at Texas Roadhouse. It kinda sucked because Texas Roadhouse is very very loud and it was hard to hear each other. Alex is the head chef at Oaklawn Racetrack. This guy gives type A workaholic a whole new dimension. I don’t know about Diana and Alex, but I felt like we had known each other for years. We talked (or yelled) at each other for a while, and then Courtney and Jim arrived.

PALEO NOTE: Steve and I split a steak with vegetables on the side.

Jim Robinson was my first TKD instructor and has been a friend now for over 35 years. This was the first time for Steve and me to meet Courtney. In phone conversations Jim had been blathering on and on about how beautiful and nice she was. It was really kind of sickening. Well, he was right. She is gorgeous and a really sweet person. It’s great to see two people who love each other together. They held hands and gazed soulfully in each other eyes….

My biggest regret from this day is that I did not think to get pictures of Pinnacle, Dave and Kathi, or the dinner crew.

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