Food Diaries Sunday Dec 2

Ok this was Steve’s idea but I think I’ll give it a try. While in Little Rock, many of our friends expressed an interest in what we eat while conforming with our Paleo lifestyle. One friend that will be coming to stay with us after the first of the year is a little concerned that he will be starving.

So for those of you that are curious, doubting, or just have nothing better to do with your time, this is the first of a daily Paleo Food Diary. I’ll shoot for tracking each meal for a week and see how it goes.

Breakfast was our routine Crustless Quiche. It’s full of spinanch, pueblo hatch chilis, chorizo, carrots, red bell, onion, and of course eggs. All the ingredients except the eggs are sautéed then added to the beaten eggs in a 9×13 pan. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes. Ingredients and amounts vary according to what I have on hand.

I’ll post a photo tomorrow, Steve will have the same thing for breakfast. It is his favorite dish in the whole world and he eats it every morning.


Salad was left over from Friday night. It includes oranges, olives and fennel. Recipe from Well Fed

Chicken, also from Well Fed is called “The Best Chicken Ever” and I would agree. I make it all the time. The breasts have been marinating for a couple of hours. I have the dry ingredients for the sauce premixed and stored in a mason jar so all I have to do is mix with some melted coconut oil and slather on the chicken. Put in on my little Cuisanart grill and its done in just a few minutes.

Sweet potato oven baked fries with chipolte dipping sauce were also left over from Friday. Recipe from Paleo Comfort Foods and it is a favorite. I could eat these fries and sauce every day.



I put the brisket in this morning. Recipe (from Paleo Comfort Foods) included fresh jalapeños so it looked like a winner. It was great. Just a little heat, not over powering at all.

The root vegetables were tossed with apple cider and a little melted coconut oil, salt and pepper. The walnuts were toasted on a pan and tossed with melted coconut butter and cinnamon.


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