Thanksgiving Trip Day One

If you are friends on Facebook you probably heard about our decision to leave Thursday night for our trip to Little Rock.

If you missed the FB post, I’ll fill you in.

We were sitting on the couch, Steve said:
” I set the alarm for 2:30am. If one of us wakes up and it’s after midnight we can just leave then”


I thought about it for a minute, then said:
“Why don’t we leave now?”

Steve thought about it for a minute, then said :

What I loved about our conversation and decision to leave early is how in tune we were. Each of us read between the lines to the logical thinking of the other. No rationalization or explaining needed. We just intuitively understood where the other was coming from.

We told Keely we were leaving as soon as she could get ready.

“What? We are leaving now? Yikes!” So she started scurrying around pulling stuff together. At one point, Steve was loading the car and I asked Keely if she was excited.

“Excited and a little frightened.”


“Well mom, every movie I have ever seen where the people are driving during the middle of the night they end up falling asleep at the wheel and crashing. I don’t think I’m ready to die yet.”

I assured her that if we got too sleepy we would either stop and get a room or pull over for a nap in the car. I’m thankful she trusted us enough to put her life in our hands for the drive.

So we left the Penrose house at 7:10 pm.

Around 2am we pulled over and took a two hour nap at a rest stop outside Amarillo, Texas. Steve slept, I didn’t. Keely seemed groggily reassured that we were stopping.

We pulled into Little Rock at 2pm. We are staying with Charles (my ex) so we deposited Keely with him, took a shower then left to run some errands.

Met up with my “daughter from another mother” Kira Sharkey. She is one of my former TKD students and one of my dearest friends. Much of our conversation that night was centered around what we are going to do when she comes to stay with us in December.
I wish I had thought to take some pictures but I didn’t. Guess the pics can wait until she visits us.

Back to Charles’ and we crashed for the night.

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