“Life is getting very short. ”

That’s one of the things mom said yesterday when we saw her.

One of the reasons we made the trip to Little Rock was to spend some time with mom. The reality is phone calls are a waste of time. Either Tracey or Michael have to call me when they visit her. The last few calls I couldn’t tell if she couldn’t hear me or if she didn’t understand the words.

After seeing her the last few days I think it’s a combination of both, but the reality is her brain is very foggy now.

We stopped by for the first time on Saturday. She was in the dining room, strapped into her wheel chair so she wouldn’t fall out.

She smiled really big when she saw us. Said “hello Steve!”

I talked about the trip and brought her up on our current events. She seemed to understand but there was no give and take in the conversation. Her lunch came so we left.

The next morning my my brother Michael sent me a text. “You might want to go visit mom today, she doesn’t remember that you were there. It sucks I know.”

Yesterday we stopped by again. She was in her bed this time, picking at the food on her lunch tray.

A big smile. Greeted us both by name.
And for the most part for the rest of the visit she didn’t make a lick of sense. She rambled with long pauses.

I was able to not cry in front of her.

There were two moments of seeming clarity.

There had been several moments of silence. Then she looked me in the eyes and said:

“Life is getting very short”

I acknowledged that is was.

She then started rambling again.

As we were leaving, I hugged her and said:
“Love you mom.”

And she said ” Love you both. Remember that.”

I will remember that mom.


  1. This sounds very much like what we went through with Kathy’s mom. Knowing us and making sense during moments of clarity and then saying things we knew weren’t true at other times. All the best to you.


    1. Thanks Randy. Not easy but a blessing for her that she is foggy. And perhaps for me too so I don’t feel as guilty being away from her


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