Eating Healthy Update

Results of ten weeks of our changes to what, and how, we eat:
Michelle has lost 20 pounds
Steve has lost 14 pounds
Keely is learning to live without a lot of sugar and soda.
All of my old clothes fall off of me. Steve has almost run out of holes on his belt. He weighs less than he has in twenty years. Steve has always been disciplined about working out, and he certainly wasn’t over weight at all. But now he is ripped and cut, with a really admirable six pack. And he has not had a potato chip in ten weeks.
I’m smaller than I was when Steve and I first met, and I’m still whittling down. This whole thing started with the desire to shed a few pounds. What is has become is a deep down lifestyle change and commitment to a different way of looking at food.
I eat Paleo only. When asked, I tell people that I eat plants and animals. There is a whole list of things I don’t eat: wheat, grains, pasta, sugar, processed foods, legumes, dairy, soda, pie. It’s a pretty long list actually. But you know what? I don’t miss it. I don’t crave it anymore. And I don’t feel like food is controlling me.
I cleaned out the cupboards and the pantry. There is no flour, sugar, pasta, chips, vegetable oil, milk, crackers or processed food in the house. I gave it all to a needy family. Well, we do have white sugar because we make nectar for the hummingbirds, but that is it.
Instead I use coconut oil, almond or coconut flour, and coconut milk. We have a dehydrator and dry our own vegetables and fruits from the garden and the farmers market. Keely eats fruit rollups she made herself instead of the junk we used to buy. Coconut milk has more calcium than regular milk and both Steve and Keely love it.
There are some great Paleo cookbooks and websites, and I am enjoying cooking again. My family and friends LOVE what they are eating and I feel good knowing that it is healthy food that they are eating.
You know what? It’s really easy to make food taste good if you use a lot of butter, cream, and cheese. I’ve accepted the challenge of making really great food without those crutches.
Last night we had a group of friends over. I had put together an Italian Sausage and Eggplant Strata on Friday. I heated it up, set out salad makings on the counter, and everybody had plenty of food while we watched the Bronco’s game.
I’ve always been a “foodie”. In my previous life we would plan our travels in Europe around which restaurants we wanted try. One year I received a pasta machine as a gift. One year and twenty pounds later I had mastered the art of making and eating pasta almost every night. I got rid of the pasta machine.
Italian, French, Indian, Southwest…I love all the different cuisines this world has to offer. I enjoy cooking them, I enjoy eating them. The problem is eating the way I used to eat wasn’t good for me or the ones I love.
What I have found is that I can have the essence of those foods in a healthy Paleo way. It’s a win/win. I’ve started putting some of the recipes on the blog, and will get more up if you are interested.
Eating healthy and losing weight has had a surprising side effect …it has brought Steve and I even closer together.
We both compliment each other constantly and are totally supportive because we are doing this together. We are tracking our food on MyFitnessPal (a great App that I strongly recommend) so we sit side by side on the couch and enter in our meals. We discuss the nutrition breakdowns and compare our progress. Both of us feel good about ourselves and have lot’s more energy (which has lots of benefits). Steve doesn’t have stomach problems anymore. The list goes on and on.
Studies show that people who eat healthy and exercise frequently are happier. I can attest to that.

2 Comments on “Eating Healthy Update

    • Thanks Paula! I appreciate you guys serving as guinea pigs when I try out new recipes. Hope there is time for some pinochle when Kurt is here.


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