August 24th

Today Steve woke up before his normal 5am. He told me he was going to read the paper and have a cup of coffee, and that I should go back to sleep.

Of course I didn’t, so we were both up at 4am.

I was on my way to Crossfit at 6:30am. The WOD (workout of the day) was:

5 pullups
10 thrusters with 45lb barbells
200 yard run

We had twenty minutes to do as many rotations as we could.

I got five in with five pullups before the timer went off.

Our garden is finally starting to produce, so I spent done time gathering tomatoes, zucchini and peppers. I also harvested some basil, chives and sage.

I made some Pico de gallo which is a summer staple for me. Fresh chopped tomatoes, onions, jalapeño and cilantro tossed with fresh lemon juice and a little salt and pepper. I use it on everything: chicken, steak, hamburger, omelette muffins… The list is endless.

Breakfast was a ham and egg cup, I’ll get the recipe up in the next day or do.

We have a new dehydrater that we are both enamored with. This morning we made peach fruit roll ups and banana chips. The herbs I picked we’re prepped and ready to be dried tomorrow.

I had some leftover marinated flank steak that I tossed with some of the Pico de gallo for lunch. We sat on the deck and watched the hummingbirds dive bomb the garden.

Dinner was simple version of paleo fajitas. Grilled steak and chicken with a spicy dry rub were sliced thin. Zucchini and onions grilled on the same grill to pick up the same flavors. Pico de gallo completed the meal. Simple, fast, and all the veggies came from our garden.


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