Over the 4th of July holiday I got fed up with several things.
First, I had taken several months off from exercising in an effort to get my right quad healed. This is an old injury that dates back to 2000. I’ve written about that in previous posts, but the reason I bring it up is that injury caused me to lay of exercising for a couple of months.
When I’m not exercising I don’t feel good about myself. And I have a tendency to gain weight. Which upsets me and then I start eating. Vicious circle that.
Ever been there?
So 4th of July I had had enough. I told Steve I was going to start eating clean again. He was all for it, and said he wanted to lose some weight also.
We have different opinions on how to make that happen.
Through trial and lots of error, I found out several years ago what works best for me. I eat protein, some fruit, and vegetables. No sugar, starches, pasta, potatoes, or bread. Just protein, vegetables and limited fruit. So that is what I started doing.
Steve is of the opinion that it is basic math…eat less calories than the amount that you expend and you will lose weight. While he has quit eating chips and ice cream (his two vices) he still is eating bread and dairy.
We both are using an app called MyFitnessPal. It tracks weight, calories, nutrition and exercise.
Let me explain something about Steve. He is a wonderful, bright, funny, endearing man. He is also a nerd. He fell in love with that app. He is religious about entering in his foods. He loves the fact that he can scan barcodes. He wants to know what and how much of all of the ingredients in whatever he eats. Drives me crazy with that sometimes. But we also have a digital food scale so now he just weighs everything before he eats it. He would pull all of the chicken out of a salad so he could weigh it first. Now I either weigh it for him or leave it out so he can weigh it because it’s really important to him that he be totally accurate with his data input.
Along with eating clean, I decided to drop the martial arts training for a while and try Crossfit. We have a great place in Canon City, it’s very reasonable, super people, and there are classes in the morning, during the day, and in the evenings.
About a week after I started Crossfit I noticed “Whole9” and “Whole30” written on the chalkboard. I looked them up when I got home. Dallas and Melissa Harwig started this great site “focused on health, fitness, balance and sanity” in 2009. Take a look at their website, it is terrific and a great resource.

Nutrition is a huge component of being fit and healthy. A lot of Crossfit people eat Paleo, and the Whole9 site is also Paleo based. So of course I then had to do some research on Paleo diet.
Well guess what? Paleo eating is pretty much how I like to eat if I’m trying to lose weight. So I got some of the books that explain the science (which I really don’t care that much about) and some recipes. I cleaned out some more of my kitchen cabinets, this time getting rid of all beans, flour, cornmeal, anything processed, all vegetable oils, and all sugars (molasses, honey, turbinado sugar are all gone) I kept the white sugar because we make lots of hummingbird nectar.
It’s been almost two months now. I’m down two clothing sizes. I don’t crave sugar or carbs, I have incredible energy, and I’m just as happy as I can be. I do Crossfit four times a week. Five to six days a week I do 40 to 60 minutes on the Stairmaster we have downstairs. I get a couple of yoga sessions in each week.
Steve has dropped weight, has taken up his belt a couple of times, and tells me on an almost daily basis how happy he is with the way we are eating.
Steve had been taking Gas X by the boxful. His stomach would swell after eating. He was having problems sleeping, and really had a lot of pain. We were eating a fairly healthy diet before July 4, but the mixture and amount of what we were eating were giving him a lot of problems. The potato chips and ice cream didn’t help I’m sure.
Since I’ve started cooking Paleo he has not had any stomach problems. The Gas X has been tossed, and we are enjoying raw peppers and onions again. He still has a sandwich for lunch every once in a while, but with a few exceptions he is right along with me on the Paleo eating.
I can’t begin to tell you how important it is that we are doing this together. He is excited about the changes he sees in me, and is so complimentary about the food we are eating. We support each other, compliment each other, and sympathize when needed. But we both agree this is something that we want to do for the rest of our lives.

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