Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs
I’ve had a lot of friends ask how we are doing. The Waldo Canyon Fire is raging in Colorado Springs. Our home is 30 miles from the fire. I can’t imagine a scenario that would involve the Waldo Canyon Fire reaching us. But Sunday evening there was a fire a half mile from our house. We watched from our deck as the fire trucks lined Highway 50 watching for smoke. If the smoke billowing on the horizon from the Springs hadn’t brought it home, the small fire close to our house did. We could lose all of our material goods in a heartbeat.
The television stations have been running continuous coverage. Last night Steve and I were glued to the set as we watched homes in Colorado Springs begin to burn. The fire exploded, 65mph winds forced the firefighters to retreat. We watched as 35,000 people were ordered to evacuate their homes. The police officers directing the traffic were wearing dust masks. Car lights were on at 4pm because of the dense ash falling from the sky. It looked like a scene from a disaster movie.
We went through the list of what to pack and what to leave, where to go, how to transport the animals.
I’m so glad Keely is in Little Rock for the summer. I’d hate to see the fear on her face.
Many people living in Colorado Springs are inside that disaster movie right now. They don’t know if their house is one of those destroyed, they don’t know to what extent their lives have been turned upside down.
Temperatures are in the triple digits. Humidity is 3%. There are brave men and women working under inferno conditions battling this fire. I can’t imagine what that must be like.
So far there are no injuries or loss of life. Material things can be replaced.
If you can donate to ShareandCare.org , those funds go immediately to help those in need. So many people need help and prayers, and will continue to for quite some time.


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