Last summer I just about had a heart attack when I met Frank The Snake for the first time. I was home by myself, puttering around in the garden. I went over to the faucet to turn off the water and saw the water hose move. Except it wasn’t a water hose. It was a great big snake. Since he didn’t rear up and start rattling at me, I assumed it was a bull snake. I knew if I could get a good picture of it Steve would be able to tell me what kind of snake it was.
Well I wasn’t going to get close enough to get a good picture with my phone. So I hightailed it into the house to get Steve’s Nikon. This is one of the photo’s I took.

Frank the Snake

So I emailed the photo to Steve and the phone rang immediately.
“That’s a good snake. Don’t kill it. I know you don’t believe there are good snakes, but that is a bull snake and they eat rattlesnakes. Actually I’m glad it’s there. It’s a good snake. Don’t kill it.”
You have to get close to a snake to kill it. I had absolutely no intention of getting close enough to that snake to kill it.
A friend of mine told me that putting a name to the snake would make it seem less scary. I assumed it was a boy snake so I named it Frank.
Believe me when I tell you that I never walked in that yard without keeping an eye out for Frank. But I didn’t see him again.
A month or so later, my brother Michael and his two kids Paul and Lauren were staying with us. We were sitting out on the deck, getting ready to eat dinner when Lauren said
“Aunt Michelle, is that a rattlesnake?”
Immediately my feet went up into the chair, which caused Steve to about fall over laughing. But there was a snake coming towards us. ON MY DECK. Now my deck is anywhere from five to ten feet off the ground, depending on what part of the yard you are measuring from. There is one set of stairs. That darn snake had to really work at climbing to get up on our deck.
Steve looked over at it and said, “Oh, that’s just a bull snake. He won’t hurt you.”
I think he could tell by the look on my face that I wasn’t really excited about sharing the deck with a six foot long snake. I think he could tell I was seriously considering sitting on the table for the rest of dinner.
So he got some work gloves and went over and got that poor little guy out from behind the water barrel on the end of the deck.
All of the family except me went over to get a closer look. I was very comfortable where I was, with close proximity to the table and the door inside.
Here is a video of Steve and Frank The Snake.

After he played with him a while, he took him down off the deck and let him loose in the pasture. As he was walking by, I heard him telling Frank “It’s ok little buddy, its ok”.
We haven’t seen Frank this year. We did have a neighbor kill a rattlesnake on the road in front of our house. It’s really hot and dry here, and we know that there are a lot of snakes around. We watch where we put our hands and feet.
Michael is back again, all of his kids, plus his new wife Patty and her daughter Taylor. Mike and Patty are still on their honeymoon, so the kids and I are hanging out. They were still asleep this morning so I made a run into Colorado Springs to replenish our supplies at Costco.
While I was gone, Lauren went out into the pasture to walk around. She saw a snake, a really big snake. It was hissing at Mojo The Pug. So Lauren decided to kill it. She was being protective of Mojo. So she got a shovel and hacked his head almost off.
I’m pretty sure Lauren killed Frank. It looks like the same snake to me. I haven’t heard back from Steve yet, I sent him the picture. Lauren’s scared he will be mad at her, but I think her actions were totally justified.
She had to protect Mojo.

Dead Frank The Snake

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