This is a video of my son David, and my grandson Kyle. I think this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen, and I wanted to share. Hope it gives you a good laugh, as it did me.
Looking at Kyle is like looking into the face of David when he was a kid. I didn’t give birth to David, but he has been my son since he came into my life when he was two. His real mom Laurel was nice enough to share him with me.
One of my favorite memories is the call I got from Laurel after Kathy was born. David had gone to school all excited because his sister had been born. Laurel got a call from the teacher, who said she needed to talk to Laurel because David had been lying. He told everybody that he had a new sister, but the teacher knew Laurel and knew there was not a new baby.
Laurel said that yes, he did have a new sister and she was in Little Rock with David’s other mom and his dad.
“Oh, so he has a half sister” said the teacher.
“No, as far as I know she is a whole baby. She is his sister and that’s what we call her”
We never used terms like “half” or “step” We were just family.
One year, we invited David’s little brother Joey to stay with us over Christmas. I think Laurel was going to Mississippi to get some of her stuff and Joey staying with us would help her out. So five year old Joey got all dressed up and attended our big Christmas party (150 people that year I think). We did presents on Christmas morning. That evening, Laurel got back in town and called to see if she could take the boys out for their Christmas. She thought the waffle house would still be open.
I couldn’t stand the thought of them having Christmas at the waffle house, so I invited her to our home. Which used to be her house. Yeah, it was a little awkward, but it seemed like the right thing to do. We were all very adult about it and it really wasn’t about the three adults. It was about those two little boys getting to spend time with their mom on Christmas.
So now David is grown and Laurel and I are both grandmothers. And I think Kyle is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.

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