Buying Half A Pig

Yes, we are buying half a pig. My friend Paula asked if we wanted to share a pig with her and Kurt. It’s been raised without hormones. Looking at the blank look on my face (she gets that a lot from me) she explained that we would be sharing the finished product after it had been butchered. Oh. Well sure, sounds good. We’ve got room in the freezer. So tomorrow I call the guy that butchers the pig to tell him what we want. That’s a first for me, sharing a pig.

Paula also introduced me to her chickens a couple of weeks ago, much to Steve’s chagrin. Now I’ve got the place picked out in the backyard, all we need is a chicken house and pen. And the chickens.

Steve grew up on a real farm in Alabama, and he is definitely not a fan of chickens. It’s a case of familiarity breeds contempt I think. I grew up in the country with two dyed in the wool city slickers for parents and have never retrieved an egg from the source. We have agreed to give it a try. Keely is excited, and I can’t wait to see her face when she goes out to gather eggs for the first time.

So chickens are in our future. I’ve got some decisions to make, like how many and what kind. I’ll be talking to Paula, my expert on all the cool stuff that comes with living in Southern Colorado. I’ll keep you posted.

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