Texting and Self Defense

A post on Facebook this morning (thanks Leslie for reminding me to write this one)

This morning on the way to work I watched multiple cars go around a stopped school bus, several people who had small kids riding in the front seat of vehicle and another with a load of kids in the back seat — none of whom were in a car seat, booster or otherwise wearing seat belts. Basic safety people! These kids count on you to be responsible.

Our kids do count on us to be responsible.

Sunday evening as we were driving home from dinner on Chenal Parkway, we had a close call.  A car was barreling down the lane in front of us on the wrong side of the median.  They were in our lane and headed right towards us.  Steve and I both said Whoa! at the same time.  He reacted very quickly, put on the brakes and edged into the lane beside us.  There was a car in the lane, but the driver noticed what was going on and made room for us.

The driver of the other car evidently noticed that there was something wrong and went up on the median, then made his/her way into traffic, going in the right direction this time.

Someone that cares a lot sent this to me with the message “Please watch this.  Please.”   He asked me repeatedly throughout the day if I had read it.  Eventually he wore me down and I did.


I may not be able to ever quantify this statement, but he may have saved my life.  So now I’m going to ask you.  Watch the video.  Please.  Take the time and watch all of it.

And then think seriously about whether or not you need to text or check your email while driving.

Confession time here…I’ve been known to text and check my email while driving.  I’ve even done it while driving with Keely in the car.  Keely, smart girl that she is (smarter than her mother, obviously) has told me “Mom, you are not supposed to text on your phone while you are driving”.  OK, so I have now been schooled by a seven year old on safety.

We now have laws banning texting while driving.

We need to pay attention to them.

If Steve had been texting while driving Sunday night he would not have had time to react as he did.  It’s as simple as that.

80% of crashes and 65% of near crashes involve some form of driver inattention within 3 seconds.


Did you know that if you are involved in a crash, insurance companies will check your cell phone records?

We strap our children into their car seats.  We hold their hand when crossing the street.  And we need to put our phone down while we are driving.

So if you send me a text and don’t get a response, don’t get offended.  I’ll check it and respond when I can do so safely.  Not while I’m driving a car.  I hope you will do the same.  I would much rather wait for a response from you, then to never talk to you again.

2 Comments on “Texting and Self Defense

  1. I too have been guilty of texting and driving. I don’t anymore. Anything with my cell phone is done when the drive is over. Cell phones are great! However, they are very distracting. My daughter has had some difficulties in school this past 9 weeks. It is due to the social aspect that she has gotten caught up in. Nothing bad, just distracted. I took her cell phone away Monday through Thursday evenings. I reminded her that I grew up with no TV in my room, no remote control and no comuter with one house phone that we had to use upon permission. If you missed a call, you just had to hope they called back or you would catch up with them the next day. This has helped tremendously! I am also practicing what I’m preaching. My phone is put in its place. It is a tool that is supposed to help with life not a weapon to take life!


  2. Being on the Fire Dept. I have responded to several wrecks where the individual was not paying attention or somebody was on their phone. It’s amazing to me how many people don’t see a big red fire engine with lights and sirens blaring either. The other day a lady on her phone bout ran into us and she was in the lane beside us! Stay safe out their people, don’t want to be picking you up from the street!


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