Just A Few Thoughts…

I have not been getting journal entries posted. I’ve started several (no points for that though) but haven’t finished them. 

So instead of trying to write something really deep and meaningful, I’m just going to jot down a couple of thoughts.

Life gets in the way all of the time… Schedules, relationships, health, finances, motivation…all of these change.  I’ve sat in my office and listened, and cried, with my students, parent s of students, or friends during the last year while they have gone through the turmoil of change. 

It’s life.  I’ve gone through some pretty difficult times myself.  All of the above in fact, all in the last year.  But I know my experiences have made me wiser, and hopefully, more of a resource for those that need me.  

Time Management…..

Where does the time go?  And yes, being a fine example of Adult ADHD does not help the situation at all.  I’ve got as many hours in the day as everyone else.  I also realize that all those things undone stress me out and make me even less productive.  My priority, my goal, for the next 60 days is to develop that skill, both for myself and for my staff.  I’ve got my Franklin Covey Day Planner; it’s just that I keep leaving it wherever I am not.

Eating.  Food.  Weight.

How many times have I lain awake, beating myself up for what I ate that day?  Most of my life my weight has fluctuated with my emotions and injuries.  Always excuses.

This year of the UBBT that changed.  I’ve had injuries.  I’ve kept training.  I’ve had more emotional stress in the two years than I ever thought possible.  I’ve kept to good eating habits.  My weight continues to drop, I’m healthy and strong. 

This is the 500 pound gorilla that has been in the room with me forever.  It’s the 500 pound gorilla that so many of my students and friends struggle with.  I’ll be writing more on that.

Exercise Discipline…

I’m consistently working out five days a week, either when I teach class, or going to Master Drings or Master Edwards .  I’m climbing Pinnacle and/or running the base trail once a week when possible (when it’s not raining).   I’m in better shape than I have been for years.  I’m still trying to find a good balance between pushing myself and killing myself though.  I do like a challenge….

I’m A Student…

How can I be a teacher if I am not a student?  I’m reminded every time I train with my instructors how important it is to have the humility to empty my cup of knowledge.  It’s so very easy to stay in my safety box of knowledge and only do the things that I do well.  Getting out on the mats and looking and feeling like a fool is difficult.  I’m not going to say I enjoy it, but I know it is necessary.   And, if I am not willing to try and fail (also known as learning) how can I expect my students to?

Friends and love are important…

I am so very blessed to have friends that love me.  More on that later also, because the older I get the more I realize how important those friendships are.  



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