Do Not Let Trifles Disturb You

Do not let trifles disturb you.

I made a great investment last week.  I purchased a book called “8,789 Words of Wisdom” by Barbara Kipfer.  I purchased the book to use as a resource when I’m trying to come up with something to write about to comply with my weekly journal commitment for the Ultimate Black Belt Test.  I’m also writing a new character development program to use at LRMA, so this little book has come in very handy.

I’ve completed the Anger Management course that Tom Callos has made available online.   The quote above was going to be the beginning topic for some discussion on anger management.

Then I read Leslie Herrington’s journal entry on the LRMA site.  If you haven’t read it, please do.  She shared the news that a Sunday School classmate of her son Will has been diagnosed with brain tumor.  An eight year old little girl.

And instead of being a topic for a discourse on anger management, this quote now  meant something else to me. 

Do not let trifles disturb you.

How many times have I let a mundane frustration, a trifle, create a rift in a relationship?  How many times have I zeroed in on a little negative and allowed more negativity to come into my brain, my soul? And how many times have I hurt someone over a trifle?  Trifles have a tendency to add up.  If you allow them to.  If you recognize them and give them weight.

As I think about it, I realize that the times in my life that I focused on trifles were those times when I didn’t have a good grasp of the bigger picture.  Those times when, for whatever reason, my thinking had gotten narrow and small.  Self centered.

Isn’t it funny how the definition of a trifle can change? 

A clean room, finishing a meal, speaking politely, picking up toys and helping with laundry have all been sources of strife in our house in the last week.  These things are not trifles in the big picture of teaching self discipline and responsibility to Keely.

But they certainly seem like trifles if I had just found out she had a brain tumor.

I need to take a close look at what I allow to disturb me.  I need to be less self centered and more other-centered.

And I need to hug and kiss my little girl a lot more. 


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