Rape and Emotional Abuse Part I

I can’t believe that I have had my head in the sand about this for my entire life.    I was a victim and didn’t even know it.  And of course, now that I have decided to become more educated about it, I’m realizing it is everywhere.  And it has been here since the beginning of time.

Violence against women. 

Abusive relationships.


Domestic Violence.

I’ve known, unfortunately, several women that were raped. 

One woman was asleep on her couch when an intruder entered through the unlocked door.  The door that her drunken husband had left unlocked when he staggered upstairs to the bedroom. 

Another woman was kidnapped from a discount store parking lot.  She was taken to a dark deserted road, raped, and left on the side of the road.

These are the scenarios that women fear.  These are the scenarios that are in most of their minds, and the minds of their fathers and husbands that urge them to come to one of my self defense seminars.

This is the scenario that is least likely to occur.

What is more likely to happen is that a friend, a lover, a husband, a brother, an uncle or a father will rape commit the rape.

But there is more.

There is the rape of the mind, the rape of the soul.  The rape may not be physical, but it is the damaging Physiological/emotional abuse that many of us live with. 

Anger, jealousy, control, lies. 

Your sister.  Your co-worker.  Your friend. 





One Comment on “Rape and Emotional Abuse Part I

  1. Michelle…thanks for writing this…you have some very good insight…maybe we can do lunch someday.. Tosh


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