Sparring Yourself


This morning, my friend bumped his head as he was getting in the car.  He has actually done that a couple of times in the last few weeks.  An hour later, he banged his arm pretty hard on the side mirror.  I looked at him, doubled over laughing, and told him “I don’t even need to spar you, you spar yourself!”  Fortunately he thought was funny, so we both got a good laugh.

An hour later I was checking up on a friend.  She mentioned that she had been going through some tough times, dealing with “issues”.  Fighting her.  I asked again if I could help, she said “no, it’s all mental.” 

Let’s face it.  We spar ourselves, and many times we defeat ourselves.  Mental.  The Mind Game.  Call it what you want, but who you are, what you accomplish, how you live your life comes down to how you think.  Sometimes we defeat ourselves, knock ourselves out and then we are down for the count without ever leaving our bed or our chair. 

The expression “I am my own worst enemy “can be very true.

Then there is the physical sparring that we do with ourselves.  We are motivated by pain or pleasure.  And sometimes it is simply not pleasurable to do what we have to do.  I much prefer snuggling in a nice warm bed instead of getting up on a cold dark morning to make a 5:30 am workout.  Dealing with aching joint pain in hips and shoulders that won’t go away with pain medication makes me want to quit.    Getting my nose bonked or my chin whacked when I’m sparring hurts

So do you go down for the count?  Lots of people do you know.  You’ve seen then.  You know them.  They decide that the couch is easier than the mats or the gym.  The current situation is livable.  Fast food and junk food are easier than eating healthy.   Somebody else can help the poor, the old, the hungry, and the planet.  Mindless TV watching or internet surfing is easier than reading and learning and writing. 

Every day there is an opportunity to spar with yourself.  Are you going to defeat yourself?  Or fight the battle, keep fighting the battle as many times as it takes, and win?

One Comment on “Sparring Yourself

  1. As someone who has KOed his own self more than once, I can relate. 🙂

    I’m in the “helping” profession. The quotes are there b/c I can’t really help anyone, it feels more like turning someone with a blindfold in the right direction and letting them go – 9 times out of 10 they will instinctively turn back to where they were originally pointing – their comfort zone.


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